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Brand Ambassadors


Do you want to earn free RBL products using your social media skills? Become a brand Ambassador and get tons of perks and free stuff!


By becoming an RBL Brand Ambassador you agree to the Terms & Conditions below.

The Contract Period
The Brand Ambassador contract is for a period of 2 months. If both parties desire to continue the contract after this period for an additional 2 months, the below terms and conditions still stand on a continuing contract. After the 2 month period, the contract agreement can be terminated with 30 day written notice from the brand Ambassador. RBL maintains to terminate the agreement at any time if the brand Ambassador is not abiding by all terms and conditions.

What’s Involved As A Brand Ambassador
– A minimum of two posts per month in each social media platform of each item purchased on your own social media through photography (Instagram: @REUSEANDBABYLOU, Facebook: @REUSEANDBABYLOU, Pinterest: @REUSEANDBABYLOU) and in general. Hashtags as required for products. Basically, buy 3 items with discount, you must make 6 posts per month. A well written blog post of the products can earn the Ambassador a bonus.

– Genuine enthusiasm and love for the products and brand shown in comments on Instagram and all social media.

– Actively searches RBL and associated hashtags. Comments on other people’s photos of RBL products.

– Scrolls through our comments feed and answers any questions about the brand we may have.

– Checks on our comments regularly to make sure nothing/no one is over looked, and everyone has been responded to.

– Tests products and gives helpful advice on new products.

– Ambassador represents the brand in public.

– RBL has the right to use these photographs without permission each time on their social media accounts also.

What The Brand Ambassador Gets In Return

– Shop on for a discount of 30% on up to 3 items and Free shipping. You will be given a coupon code when approved.

-- Unique 15% discount code to give to all followers, friends and family members upon purchase.

-- Based on sales made during the 2 month period using your unique discount code, we will total all of Ambassador’s sales and Ambassador will receive credit dollar for dollar of the discount amount for all sales they generated to use for free stuff from Credit codes will be sent by the 20th of the following month and must be used within 90 days. (Example: $100 worth of products purchased using your 15% discount code. They pay $85 and you get a $15 credit for more products from RBL.)

– Bonus: Well written blog posts can add an automatic $5 store credit in addition to the above.

– Brand Ambassadors will automatically become RBL Ambassadors and be the first to know about all new products and may receive opportunities for testing new items.

– Lots of love and appreciation.

End Contract
RBL has the right to withdraw from the contract anytime, without question if we find you are not abiding by the terms and condition.